Monday, March 28, 2011

Opinions a gogo


Had great interview with Tony Waag. Creator of the International Tap Dance Hall of Fame, Executive Producer of Tap City and Executive Artistic Director of the American Tap Dance Foundation. Working on article about him for Art Times Journal May June issue.

Read one of stories from Pixie Tales at Rainbow Book Fair yesterday. Very receptive, mostly adult audience. Sold several of the e-book copies today. Figure people without kids who will be with family over upcoming holidays might want to have access to these enchanting read-to-me stories to help them bond with young relatives. If you are interested, Email me for 50% off coupon code on e-book.

Saw The Lincoln Lawyer film - thought all performances very impressive. Enjoyed movie immensely because of all its surprising twists.


Have another radio interview, about Pixie Tales and writing for kids, early in April.

April 2 is National Children’s Book Day and the coupon for 50% off on e-book copy ends then. Maggie Cousins and I are busy readying Elfin Tales for e-book and paper editions.

Finished a slew of books in last few weeks - reading, that is. Anyone who loves theatre should be enthralled by Antony Sher’s The Year of the King, a fascinating insiders view of an actor’s preparation for a great classic role. Fictionalized life of Herman Melville, The Passages of H.M., was especially significant to me because much of his behavior was similar to that of the Captain in my play in progress, Spirit of the House. Still feel some smart movie mogul should get hold of Arnold Bennett’s The Grand Babylon Hotel and make a costume mystery romantic movie out of it.  True test of a good book is how long it stays with you, I believe. And this one is one to long remember for its sheer delight.

Never even knew there was a National Children’s book day and glad I learned of it before April 2, which is the date. It is also date by which you can get the 50% off copies of Pixie Tails from Smashwords. Contact me for the discount code.

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