Thursday, March 3, 2011

March has me Roaring


I was intrigued by the title When I Come to Die  by Nathan Louis Jackson and was eager to se it even before a colleague wrote how much he had enjoyed it. This is a very special play - not only a good script, but magnificent acting as real as any I have seen. Thomas Kail’s direction was flawless. Even the sound effects and lights were right on the mark.  Bravo!

I missed seeing Dusty And The Big Bad World. Reading it, I feel I truly missed what has to have been a fascinating production about today’s religious right (as opposed to left, not wrong) censoring anything of which they disapprove. The U S is no longer separating church and state, if it ever truly did.

So pleased "The King's Speech" won some of the awards it deserved.  I didn't see all the nominees, but I feel Geoffrey Rush was cheated.


Busy getting reviews for PIXIE TALES which is now available on line at.  Preview paper copies probably will not be on sale at the Rainbow Book Fair March 26th at the LGBT Center on
Christopher Street
in New York. My illnesses and accident delayed me too long.  Still working on it, despite a recalcitrant computer. Also working on formatting the second book in the 4 book set, ELFIN TALES for Smashwords and paperback.  Had nice session with illustrator Maggie Cousins, with lots of preliminary sketches of our elves. Also saw the stunning work she did on the dog book she has been illustrating.

Read two early William Maxwell novels, both about young men. I much enjoy his writing style and sympathize with his characters. What I suspected from the first works of his I read appears to be the case - he never quite let go of the horror of being a twelve year old boy and having his mother die. He writes of it often, and though the characters are frequently different, the tragedy is always of the same dark despair. It was undoubtedly the defining moment in his life.

Currently reading two biographies - one of Herman Melville who suffered from the same mental illness as the Captain in my play-in-progress, Spirit Of The House. The other of Rene Blum. How could I resist the review copy sent to the Art Times Journal offices about this incredible dance impresario who was also so much more in so many other fields of the arts?

Have lots of interviews on air and online coming out in the next week or so - March 8 at talk radio interview about publishing - with references to SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER on IVARadioNetwork.Com links to show will be forwarded 24 hours before broadcast
Also Mar 8 - promo begins for e-book LIVING THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS to which I contributed one of the 30 chapters (selected from over 300 contributions)
March 9 - an interview of mine will be printed on line focusing on advice on self-publishing, along with my bio, via: Brummet's Conscious Blog:

Hope someone will be inspired to leave a massage on this blog instead of just writing me privately about what they did or didn’t like on the blog!  It's suppopsesd to be interactive, not a diary guys!
And now, back to the bother of readying my taxes!

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