Friday, March 11, 2011

Donkey Machine


Looking forward to an upcoming interview with Tony Waag. Creator of the International Tap Dance Hall of Fame, Executive Producer of Tap City and Executive Artistic Director of the American Tap Dance Foundation.


My computer acted like a donkey this week and refused to move at all.  Refused to forward my finished book to the printer, refused to open Internet explorer, refused to move faster than sludge. It was obviously going through a bad stage! As a result, I missed several deadlines and had to cancel some events and in all felt like a total failure. 

I escaped into some books I had not read before. One which really was an escape, was Norman Beim’s second novel  ZYGIELBAUM'S JOURNEY.  This fascinating story, based on facts, and narrated in the first person literally had me at the edge of my seat when I was reading it on a bus. We all have heard of the Warsaw Ghetto and how those interred therein fought to the last gasp. I had never however, known that the ghetto had sent a spokesman out, to try to awaken the conscience of the world.  That was Zygielbaum. His adventures are fascinating, and the writing style make you believe he is actually telling his own story. Well; worth reading.

I did a blog talk radio interview on Tuesday. I had been told the discussion would be on publishing, and had all my notes about the trials and travails of doing SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER and the challenge of my first e-book, PIXIE TALES.
But the interviewer kept asking me about writing and writing tips and I was rather thrown for a loop.  Never really delivered the “commercial pitch” I had planned on, but enjoyed the call in woman who wanted advice about writing poetry and writing plays. I certainly have had a lifetime of doing both.

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  1. Just finished your wonderful ebook, my nine year old Joey loved it. Fantastic wonderful descriptive it had his imagination working overtime he really really loved the clever cat with the question mark tail. Your publication of a paperback a must to bring it to all those who have not yet found the world of ereaders, hard to enjoy a bedtime story from a computer which is what we read it from.

    Look forward to next offering.