Sunday, December 19, 2010

Talents and Amusements

Had a great experience at Paley Center For Media to be among a packed house audience for I Like America: Noel Coward in the USA on Thursday, Dec. 16  this multi-media tribute to Noel Coward was narrated by  Barry Day, editor of The Noel Coward Reader.
It featured clips of Noel Coward and Gertrude Laurence, in a tribute Coward made to Ms Laurence, also Noel singing some of his best loved songs, and being interviewed on early TV – responding with his usual wit and humor.  Also, live performances of his songs and comments by Nancy Anderson, Edward Hibbert and Steve Ross, who accompanied all on the piano.   Extra added attraction was special guest Tammy Grimes who spoke a bit about her reminiscences - a very little bit – and then sang two Coward songs. The event was to celebrate the 111th birthday of this man with such a great “talent to amuse.” It was  also a treat to see photos of Mr. Coward with the many greats of the entertainment field with whom he worked and the clip of his performing with Mary Martin was another treat. In all, it was like a taste sampler of the best memories of Mr. Coward, who indeed has outlived himself.

Received some lovely photos to accompany my on line article re dance for February re NY2Dance. Which brings me to a correction to an older post – Art Times Journal’s URL is  I had one of my infamous typos on the URL which I posted previously. Do check it out. Older articles are available under dance there as well.  The entire publication is a culture lovers dream.

TnT Classic Books’ only kids book to date, Melissa Thea’s AlphaBETTER BOOK is being featured for Christmas giving on several sites.  Check out: where it is among the gifts suggested for differently abled kids gifts.  I like that phrase so much better than learning challenged.   The Pixie Tales E-book Maggie Cousins and I are readying for publication late this winter will be TnT Classic Books second volume for kids – and there will be a very few paper copies of it also made available.

Jendi Reiter’s Barbie at 50 is a beautifully written little book – under 30 pages – of what is considered contemporary poetry.  I still see it as poetic prose – some of the best I have ever read.  For me, poetry remains metric, stanza formatted, and mostly rhymed expressions from the soul of the author.  I prefer it clearly stated and easy even for those not tuned into flowery metaphors to understand and enjoy.  Nevertheless, for those who are into contemporary poetry, this book is a gem.  I would call it short essays on the various topics she has undertaken to spotlight with her often fun-filled, fluid and fanciful words. Enjoyable even if you do not call it poetry.

I am currently reading Broadway Musicals by Peter Felicia, a knowledgeable and most likeable theater lover and historian. Peter writes of Broadway flops a hits with a lively passion and a personally slanted take which I relish. I well remember when we met on a Manhattan street one day many years back, when I was still a theatrical press agent, and I introduced him to a close friend of mine. His eyes lit up.  He reeled off a number of musicals in which she had appeared.  He made her day, for most people were not so well acquainted with Maggie Task’s oeuvre.  Maggie was co-founder of TnT Classic Books, and a cartoonist and artist as well as an accomplished Broadway, film and television actress. TnT Classic Book’s Happy Task imprint is dedicated to her memory.

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