Friday, December 10, 2010

New thoughts -old acquaintances


Thursday evening’s  Fall 2010 Playwriting Festival featured scenes from plays in progress.  The plays each had good dialogue, a sense of theater and were played by talented people. One of the performers, Pamela Osowski, I had not seen for almost 30 years. Recognizing me, she reminded me her appearance in my production of Jane Chambers’ A LATE SNOW enabled her and the rest of the cast to go Equity.  I was amazed how ittle she had changed over the years - still a strunning woman.

Victor Gluck, whose scene I  directed for that evening, and I were nervous as we had an actor, Robby Johnson,  who had said he might not get to the event until 6:30 as he was Santa Claus at Macy’s. One play had been withdrawn since the author was in Canada for an opening of another of his works, which meant we were scheduled to go on about .  The last play before ours was on stage, and no sign of our actor.  As the applause rang out, the door opened and there he was.  He got his costume pieces, flipped them on and went straight onto the stage to give a sensational performance, along with our other two actors – Heather Massie and Fred T. Milani,  who had sat in 1900’s costume throughout the evening. How relieved we all were when Santa Claus arrived in our section of town in time for his cue!  Ourplay was introduced by Jean Reynolds who had appeared in the first pklay I ever directed for Victor, also almosst 30 years ago  - so there was another reunion.

Many of my pals, most much younger than I,  are either in hospital or scheduling procedures that requite hospitalization, that I added a chapter to my memoir - about growing up during the depression and WWII – a chapter on doctors and hospitals.  And boy, when you talk about the time’s they are a changin', this is one way that they have dramatically changed – and not always for the better.  I have been writing the chapter for the last two days, which puts on hold my working on a Genie story for the final e-book of TnT Classic Books'  upcoming series  But genies have all the time in the world, so I don’t fear she will go away during the hiatus.

Cleaning a stack of books I found I had mislaid KARMA a novel by Nancy  Deville which I had promised to review - so I began reading it last night and it is one of those shocking and absorbing books you hate to put down, so forgive me – I am going back to it now and will report my reactions when I finish it in a few days.

By the way - several friends say they read my blog often but they have not signed on as followers.  Guess all my pals are basically leaders!

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