Saturday, February 5, 2011

My books and I popping up all over!

Friday the llth is reading of my SPIRIT OF THE HOUSE play at the Dramatists Guild and have been doing rewrites and rehearsals during this miserable weather.  If there is another storm Friday, it will all be for nought! Nevertheless, wouldn’t trade life in NYC for anywhere else on earth!

Finished reading Peter Felicia’s Broadway Musicals wrap up of the last fifty years.  Informative and fun, especially when reading about plays which with I was intimately involved. Recommend it to theatre aficionados.

Attended Miro Magloire’s NEW CHAMBER BALLET last night in elegant room at City Center.  Musicians and dancers were quite expert and for me the evening felt as if I had stepped out to today into a more leisurely and lovely time. Will be writing all about it in the March/April print and on line editions of Art Times Journal. 

And the big news is, PIXIE TALES is now on smashwords and available for e-book purchase.  There may be some tweeking in the weeks ahead, but Maggie Cousin’s terrific illustrations really bring the stories to life. Just hope e-book readers are interested in getting stories to read to their kids. Thought it was perfect for when they travel with easily bored youngsters – such a lightweight way to have a 5 story book on hand.
You can access it and read a bit about it at  or
Book page to sample or purchase Pixie Tales:
Much thanks to those of you who read early version and gave me such dynamite quotes… used some in e-book, will use some in paper version of book, and used others in promo mailings.

Slowly doing rewrites on Elfin Tales, next e book. and Maggie Cousins' first elf is adorable.  Being home after my tip in snow, did a few new chapters for second half of childhood memoir, Confessions of a Dirty Chew Basket.

P.G. Wodehouse’s A Pelican at Blandings was a quick light read, not really my cup of humor. Leslie Ruth Howard’s tribute to her dad, Leslie Howard, was charming and nostalgic for me, having grown up during many of his heyday films. Disagreed with much of David Mamet’s Theater, but still enjoyed reading it. Docks to Downing Street John Prescott’s memoir of his political years was fascinating and a very easy, relaxed read.

My second poetry book, ECHOES OF ETERNITY is a part of grand prize in their upcoming event in early Feb. check it out at

I have a blog radio talk March 8 about self publishing, will give more info later in month - and on March 9 an article I wrote about writer’s block and other writing problems will be on line  on the Brummet's Conscious Blog:

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