Friday, January 21, 2011

January Flaws

            Attended a production of BABY UNIVERSE – A puppet odyssey.  I found the life size puppets ungainly and awkward and the visibility of the puppeteers distracting to the point that all illusions were destroyed.  The little baby universe had a certain charm – but not enough to overcome the defects. The production has the support of a number of impressive institutions, but that was the only impressive thing about it in my opinion.
Maybe it was an off night for Wakka Wakka, or for me, but I just could not get involved at all. Even the special effects struck me as sophomoric and not quite effective.
I did feel, upon leaving the theatre, that the script would have been better served by mixing live actors with smaller puppet elements.


Talking about scripts. I’ve a play I wrote which is giving me trouble in terms of melding its two elements and am now in rehearsal, with four talented actresses: Heather Massie, Ella Misché, Pam Oswowski and Lenore Wolf. I am intending to present a staged reading of it in early February. I hope seeing it on its feet will help me and that the invited audience of theatre lovers and pros will point me in the right direction to make the thing work.
Meanwhile, Maggie Cousins and I have almost finished getting all her artwork into our forthcoming e-book for kids, PIXIE TALES, the first in our enchanted creatures’ series of e-books.
I’ve tested titles on various kids, and they especially loved and were Cat With the Question Mark Tale, and Have you Ever Seen a Pink Leprechaun?

On meds to help me get rid of rotten stomach infection which has slowed me down with everything.

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